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The Elizabeth Taber Library is funded in two-thirds part by the Town of Marion, and the remaining one-third is through the generous donations from individual supporters and corporate sponsors. Our goal for the library is for it to be much more than just a place we go to check out books; it should also be a place to participate, face to face, in community cultural activities in a way we can’t do over the internet.

Your gift can have a direct impact by supporting such programs as: • Expanding our Museum Pass Program which offers residents access to area museums at free or reduced rates • Increasing Technology Resources, Trainings and Workshops • Supporting the Children’s Summer Program • Underwriting our new Lecture Series, Author Talks, Book Signings, and educational offerings. A donation of any size is greatly appreciated and continues to ensure our lively programs and high level of professional service to the public. For more information on donations or family contributions, please call the library, 508-748-1252, or contact the Library Director, Libby O’Neill.

Elizabeth Taber Library: Photo Credit Lynn Parks Kuhl

Thank you to our Supporters this year (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018):

Dr. Kathleen Ackerman
Dana Anderson
Richard Arthur and Sally Fallon
Wayne and Joan Asker
Karilon Babbit-Grainger
Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr.
Margherita Baldwin
Anne G. Barnes (In Memory of Annette Goodell Gardner)
David Barrett
Belmiro J. Barros Jr.
Elderic Barry
Robert and Virginia Becher
Christine Black
Joy Berto
Charles and Nancy Boit
Andrew and Christina Bonney
Robert C. Booth
Jorie Borden
Elizabeth H. Brainard
Jack and Nancy Braitmayer
Jim and Mel Bride
Earl and Mimi Briggs
Betty Broome
Clint and Judy Brown
Wendell and Leslie Brown
Danyelle Caeti
Al and Eileen Caron
Joseph and Judith Carver
Jacqueline Carroll
John and Theresa Cederholm
David Cederlund
Louis D. and Danielle D. Coffin
Juli Collins-Thompson
Norman A. Converse
Shelia Powers Converse
John and Merry Conway
Mary Coolidge
Cooney Family
Evelyn T. Crocker
David and Victoria Croll
Emmanuel and Anabela Da Costa
Dr. Andrew Dadagian
Diane d’Almeida
Robert and Susan Darnton
Elizabeth C. Dartt
Judy Davis
Jack and Tommie Desmond
Lawrence S. DiCara
Allan and Priscilla Ditchfield
Mary Doherty
Christine Dole
Cheryl Drinkwater
Charles and Patricia Duane
G. Richard Duffy
Elizabeth Dunn
C.C. Dyer
Brad and Lorna Eames
Bob and Phyllis Eklund
David Ellis
John and Pamela Evans
Steve and Vanessa Everett
Bernice Fairweather
Russell and Laurie Fearing
Jim and Kathy Feeney
Francis Family

Barbara Gee
Nelson S. Gifford
Gerard and Teresa Good
Arego and Betsy Grassi
Larry and Alane Hall
Ann Harris
Jeanne P. Hickey
Norm and Helen Hills
Paul and Annette Hodess
Edward and Pamela Hoffer
Capt. William Hollman and Dr. Susan Camacho
Richard and Danielle Horsey
Greg and Carol Houdelette
Marian Howell
Jorge and Nalini Huaco
Don and Rosemary Hudson
James and Cherrell Hughes
Jennifer Jones
Margot Kalkanis
Elizabeth Kearns
Hank and Andrea Keene
Joe and Ellen Keogh
Trudy Kingery
Joyce Kohout
Rosemary F. Kotkowski
Michael and Margaret Kralovich
Douglas Lash
Joyce M. LeBlanc
Patricia Lemire
Kathleen Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lipsitt
Richard Macomber
Robert and Jean Maher
Joanne G. Mahoney
Michael and Debra Gayle Malone
Landis and Ellen Major
Janet Markel
Alex and Beth Marsden
Dave and Karen Mastovsky for Emma Mastovsky
Judith Mazurkiewicz
Andrew and Mary Kate McCain
John J. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. McCormick
Holly and Joe McDonough
Peter and Linda McManmon
Kirtland and Susan Mead
Mary Mellor
John Menzel
Lincoln and Patricia Miller
Alan Minard and Nan Johnson
Daniel and Mayo Morgan
Richard and Faith Morningstar
Elaine P. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray
Charles and Louise Nadler
Col. and Mrs. Napoli
Nojeim Family
E.M. North
Sandria Parsons
Patricia Petit
David and Connie Pierce
Pierre Family
Robert C. Pina
William and Alexis Popik
Jerry and Cynthia Pyle
Jennifer Radden and Frank Keefe
Bob Raymond
Bill and Judy Redway
Kathleen Reed
John and Jill Reydel
Carl and Leslye Ribeiro
Mary Robblee
Bob and Judy Rosbe
Jay and Meredith Ryder
Gerald Rosen and Barbara Swartz
Gale Runnells

Bill and Kerry Saltonstall
Bill and Tinker Saltonstall
Barbara Sanderson
Carol Sanz
John and Marguerite Sarson
Linda Schuessler
Edward Sefranka and George Tinkham
Bill and Carol Shannon
Constance C. Shepard
Robin and Tim Shields
Barry and Susan Smith
Pete and Shirley Smith
Roxanna Smith
Jim and Marthe Soden
Charlene Sperry
Barry and Meg Steinberg
Margot Stone
Peter and Amanda Stone
Eivind and Sylvia Strand
Sharlie Sudduth
Ed and Joan Tiffany
William Tifft
Susan Tillman
Don and Ora Mae Torres
Fred Trezise and Joanie Gerster
Helen Trumbull
George and Dagmar Unhoch
Paul Vivino
W. Walsh
John and Mallory Waterman
Richard D. and Anne B. Webb
Marilyn Whalley
Harold and Sheila Wile
Elwin and Lindy Williamson
Susan Wood
Travis Woolcott
Robin Worcester
Diana M. Worley
Wynne Family
Sharon L. Young
Hans and Ann Ziegler

Thank you to our Corporate Supporters this year (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018):

Always in Bloom, Inc.
American Research and Management Co.
Andrea DiFilippo, LICSW & Associates
Baldwin Brothers, Inc.
Bay State Gymnastics Academy
The Bookstall
Burr Brothers Boats, Inc.
CLE Engineering, Inc.
Converse Company Realtors
Hangman Coffee Hut, Inc.
Kinlin Grover Real Estate
Marion Dental Health Associates
Marion Family Chiropractic
Ryder Real Estate Management, LLC
Saltworks Marine, LLC.
Sea Change Financial Education
Shipyard Galley
Silvershell Inn
Sippican Week
Turowski2 Architecture, Inc.
Wareham Pediatric Associates



 Summer 2017 Sponsors:

Eastern Bank
Kool Kone
Marion Cultural Council
Sea Dips
Sippican Woman’s Club
Uncle Jon’s

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