Elizabeth Taber Library | Volunteer Service | Barcoding

We have seven volunteers working under the auspices of the town’s Senior Work-off Abatement Program.   They are busily handling each and every one of our materials, from books to audio/video to magazines.  Barcodes must be re-affixed from the back to the front cover to meet the demands of the new state-wide Sort-to-Light centralized inter-library loan procedure. This was pictured in our last Newsletter, and is a laser system requiring little handling by staff at a central warehouse.  It will be fast and efficient, once totally implemented in July 2011.  So—–we are racing to complete this mammoth task by that date.  The volunteers must take all items from their shelves, cut off the old barcode, and glue and tape it to the front.  Needless to say, they are all quite adept at doing this now quite speedily.  We are deeply appreciative of their effort and grateful that the town of Marion came up with this program just in the nick of time!

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