Marion Book Study Group

Dagmar Unhoch Marion Book Study GroupThe Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion proudly presents the collage portraits of Judith Rosbe during the month of October 2010.  The portraits were taken in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Marion Book Study Group in October. Founded in 1985 by former Marion resident, Eleanor Hartstone (now deceased) and Dagmar Unhoch, the book group has met continuously since 1985. As several members moved away or died, the group has added members, but many of its original members are still in the book group.

Originally, the group concentrated on reading and discussing the classics. Members take turns as hostesses and meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. Some of the members leave Marion for the winter months, so all 19 of the members have never been at one meeting at the same time. Currently, the book group mostly reads contemporary fiction; however at its anniversary meeting in October, it will discuss the classic, The Bostonians, by Henry James. On a few occasions, the group has read non-fiction, but concentrates on fiction. At each meeting, one of the members is assigned to suggest several books for an upcoming meeting and the members vote on which book to read next. The only requirement is that the book be out in paperback, though several members are now reading books electronically on Kindles or iPads. Only members who have read the monthly selection are encouraged to come to the monthly discussions.

Several years ago, one of the group’s members suggested that the book group become a “giving circle,” and each month an envelope is passed for donations. When the amount reaches $500, the group votes on an organization or cause to donate the money to.

The photographs by Judith Rosbe feature a large silhouette of each member superimposed on a page of text from a book she has selected that the group has read. Within the silhouette is a half-figure of the member holding her favorite book. In addition to promoting reading, members hope to highlight the valuable resource the Elizabeth Taber Library is to our community.

These photos were taken recently at their Twenty Fifth Anniversary Dinner.