The Medium Next Door | Elizabeth Taber LibraryReviewed by Leslie Brown

This engaging memoir takes us through, to quote the subtitle, the “Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.”

Hancock is a local spirit medium whose vocation is to “talk to dead people.” From an early age, Hancock has seen and especially heard things from the spirit world unavailable to the rest of us.

As a young child, she suffered from serious lead poisoning, leading to lengthy stays at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Later in life, Hancock barely survived a bad car accident.

Both of these traumas, she believes, have helped develop her sensitivity to those who have passed.

Hancock is known for her shows, which take place in clubs and restaurants throughout the area, where she famously guides members of the audience in communication with their relatives who have died. Her pervasive sense of humor helps to ground the uncanny access she has to the other side. At the end of each chapter in the book, she provides readers with an exercise in exploring our own inner spirits.

Some may approach this book with a healthy skepticism, but Hancock’s upbeat attitude and her remarkable accuracy give the reader a sense of wonder and hope.

To borrow this book.

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