Notes from the Kindle Class

Written by: eileen

Today at the Elizabeth Taber Library we held a class on using your Kindle to download library books from the SAILS network onto your Kindle device.  Several questions and interesting points came out of the class and I want to share and recap as much as possible.

  • Kindle is owned by Amazon; the arrangement between borrowing library books and reading them on a Kindle device took a few years of negotiating.
  • Your Elizabeth Taber Library card gives you access to the SAILS network, when you download a book onto your Kindle, it is not coming from the Elizabeth Taber Library, but the SAILS network.
  • The Elizabeth Taber Library has multiple Kindle’s and eReaders with a very large collection of titles that are for use by our patrons.  If you don’t see a title that you want to read available for the Kindle through SAILS, please contact Judith Klevin and ask her if it is possible to borrow a device with the book on it.
  • Access the SAILS network to download books at: or
  • You will need your Elizabeth Taber Library card number and PIN and have already set up your Amazon account and registered your Kindle device.
  • A Kindle device could include: a Kindle or a free Kindle App

This video will give you the steps to download the books:

Check Out Library Book for Kindle from eileen lonergan on Vimeo.


I have also found how you can search the catalog for Kindle only books:
How to Search SAILS Network for Kindle Books | Elizabeth Taber Library

Or watch this video:

How to Search for Books Available on the Kindle from eileen lonergan on Vimeo.

To return a book early:

Return a Kindle Book Early from eileen lonergan on Vimeo.

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