Marion MA Pet Sitting | Terrie Lee ColeAnyone who has entered the Elizabeth Taber Library knows that we are crazy about pets.  All dogs are welcome we have water and treats and always a lot of love to share with our canine companions.  This past June was particularly full of rain and thunder storms, which we know is upsetting to many of your pets.  For some advice on how to help dogs that are particularly sensitive we reached out to Terrie Lee Cole, who loves pets as much as we do and as a pet sitter by profession has the advantage of working with all kinds of breeds.  Terrie wrote out her advice and we wanted to share with the community.

My experience has been that during a storm, the calmer I am, the better off the dog is. Animals are extremely intuitive.  Here are some Helpful Hints:

  • Dogs with crates: place some extra soft bedding in the crate with their favorite toys and a few special treats. Close the door, but don’t lock it. That way, they have the choice of staying in their safe place or getting closer to you. Stay within eye distance, so the dog knows where you are.
  • Retreat to the basement, if a familiar place for the animal. The storm won’t be as intense down there.
  • Be patient,understanding and loving, but be careful not to encourage the anxiety. Sometimes animals will hold onto the anxious behavior because it gets them extra attention.
  • There are actually dvd’s out to calm your animals.  I personally have not watched any of these. I do have a few dvd’s that the dogs and I seem to enjoy. They are coral reefs and landscapes with beautiful music.
  • The last thing I would like to mention is “The Thunder Shirt” I have not known anyone to use this, but it makes sense to me.

You can learn more about Terrie on her Pet Sitting website or if you have some tips to share, please let us know!  We really appreciate community involvement!




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