Love LifeAt first, I was put off by the preachy title of this audiobook:  Love Life.  Really, Rob???  Is this actor old and wise enough to be telling us how to live our lives? Have we forgotten the bad PR Mr. Lowe brought upon himself in the wilder escapes of his youth?

In addition to advising us how to live our lives, Lowe also does some serious name-dropping.  According to Rob, major players in Hollywood, like Warren Beatty, are close friends.  Never knew Rob Lowe was that level of star quality.

In spite of these annoyances though, Rob is now a loving husband and father of two and comes across as charming, in a good way.  Self-effacing, funny, and very observant, Rob Lowe does a titillating job of dishing about the characters and scandals of Hollywood.   Add to that the fact that he reads the text himself.

The most moving, even eloquent part of his memoir is the chapter on sending his older son off to college.  It is an experience most parents can relate to strongly and, as Lowe admits, he never went to college himself so the send-off is important on several levels.  That I was able to recognize the Duke University campus from his description was quite satisfying.

In the last chapter, Lowe sings the praises of his wife, Cheryl, to whom he has been married for twenty-some years, so effusively we can only hope the two are still married.  (As of this writing they are.)

An interesting sidelight:  Lowe’s younger son wrote the soundtrack. Talented family.

In the end,  Rob Lowe  is fun to spend time with as well as a surprisingly good writer.  Find the audiobook here.

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