Mick Jagger

This is a comprehensive biography by the noted biographer Philip Norman, who has also written about John Lennon, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles.  So we get the whole deal from the time of Jagger’s reasonable middle class childhood to his current reign as classic Rock God.

Yes, there are many, many women and seven children from four mothers.  Interestingly, his children love him and are proud of him and he maintains amicable relations with the mothers of his brood.  And there is no question that Jagger is behind the success of The Rolling Stones.  A graduate of the London School of Economics, Mick is disciplined and hard working.  In the face of endless temptations, Jagger has managed to avoid the stereotypical downfall to drugs and alcohol where so many of his peers have succumbed.

Alas, his salient feature is his overwhelming self-centeredness.  The fact that he claimed that his marriage to Jerry Hall, mother of four of his children, was invalid so she could not filch too much of his vast fortune, says it all.

If you can get past Jagger’s narcissism, this biography is a reliable overview of legendary rock history and a compelling read.To select this book, go here:

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