Lee Krasner BiographyGail Levin is an accomplished writer and art historian and therefore well-equipped to record the life of  artist Lee Krasner, most famous for being the wife of Jackson Pollock.  This book also serves as a thorough study of the famous artists, for example de Kooning and Motherwell,  from the Twenties into the Fifties.  Krasner comes across as a very talented abstract artist in her own right, something often overlooked in the large shadow cast by her husband.  She is a determined, strong woman who, nevertheless, put aside her own life and career to support Pollock in his.  Although Pollock dies in a car crash with another woman, Krasner devotes much of the rest of her long life to sealing the legacy of Pollock’s paintings.

The fact that there are so many contradictions in personality and behavior is perhaps a fitting testament to a time when artists struggled to create new forms of art.  Krasner can seem peevish and difficult and  takes herself a bit too seriously.  But as a role model for women artists, she is at the forefront. To borrow this book

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