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Step by Step instructions for downloading media from Overdrive:

These are the steps you will need to follow in order to download a title for a portable device (MP3 player or iPod) or to burn music or an audio book onto a CD.

The first part of these directions will install the necessary software onto your computer, you will only need to do this one time, then you will be ready to download and burn at any time.


· Along the far right hand side of the page, beneath My Cart, is a listing of Free Software look for and click on the icon that you see on the right.

· You will then see this command at the top of your page

Click to download OverDrive® Media Console™

· On the far right of your computer screen you will see the image to your left, highlight the type of system you are using (Mac or Windows)

· Then click on Download

· You must select Save File to add this program to your computer

· Download file and select Run to begin the installation program

· Select Next

· You must agree to the License Agreement

· Select Next

· Determine where the software will be stored on your system (most likely under Programs on your C: drive)

· Select Next to complete installation

· Close to exit

The above process is a one time only! The software needed to download titles is on your computer. Now you are ready to “Go Shopping”!

To Download a title:

· Select the Home tab along the top of your page and browse

· When you find an audio book or music that you want, add it to your cart

· Proceed to check out

· Enter your library card number and your pin (typically the last four digits of your phone number)

· Confirm check out

· Download

· This will appear on your screen

· Select Download

· I ran into a download issue the first time I attempted to download and burn a book to a CD from my Dell computer—I clicked the Tools bar (File View Tools Help, along the top Overdrive Media Console screen—above Play & Transfer) and selected the first option, Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.

· Select which option you would like to perform, play on your home computer, Transfer (to MP3 or iPod), Burn to a CD