The SAILS Network

The Elizabeth Taber Library is a member of the SAILS library network, a group of over 60 libraries in southern Massachusetts linked by a common computer database, a “computerized card catalog”. Your library card gives you access to materials in any library in the network, as well as its on-line databases.

Library Card

1. Any person 5 years or older may apply for a library card by presenting a legal form of identification with address. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to apply for a library card. When applying for a library card, please consider becoming a member of the Marion Library Association, our Friends of the Library organization.
2. Replacing a lost library card costs $3.00.

Borrowing Rules

Please have your library card with you to check out an item!

1. Books, magazines and sound recordings and CDs:

  • Check out for 2 weeks
  • Have no limit to the number which may be taken out
  • Can be renewed for 2 more weeks if no one else is waiting for them
  • Cost $.10 a day for each day overdue
  • If fines reach $10.00, card use is blocked at all SAILS libraries
  • May be returned to any SAILS library

2. Video Tapes and DVDs:

  • All DVDs  are complimentary, no fee to rent
  • Check out for 7 days
  • Limit of 3 DVDs on a card
  • Can be renewed at no charge for 1 more week, in person or by phone, if there are no holds on them
  • Cost $1.00 a day for each day overdue (This includes children’s & non-fiction videos)
  • $10 max overdue fine

3. Reference

Reference materials cannot be checked out; they are for use in the library.

4.  Holds

  • You may reserve (place a “hold”) on items in the Sails network catalog and have them sent to the library most convenient for your pick up.
  • You may not place holds on reference or non-circulating materials, and some libraries’ museum passes.
  • Reserve items in any of these ways

You will need your library card and your PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number) to reserve items.



We have one computer dedicated to allowing patrons to search our  “online card catalog”. Use them to find materials owned by all or any of the libraries in the SAILS network, to place holds, and to use the SAILS and SEMLS databases.


Available in 1/2 hour increments by signing in with your library card or guest pass. Parents are responsible for their childrens’ use of the Internet; please supervise them. Printing costs $.25 per page or $1 for color.


$1 per page


$.25 cents per page

Advisory to Internet Users and Parents

Material on the internet may be inaccurate, deceptive, distasteful, or illegal. Parents should guide their children’s access to the internet, TV, movies, books and magazines.

No “filtering software” censors this Library’s computers, because the Federal Courts have found that such software interferes with constitutionally protected speech.

You have a legal right to privacy. Library staff will not interfere with anyone’s access to information, within the limits of state and/or federal law.

No one may use Library computers to receive or transmit material harmful to minors, pornographic images of children, or materials that are obscene, dangerous, harmful or unlawful.

“Hacking” with Library computers is illegal.

Criminals have frequently used the internet to set up fraud, and even kidnappings. For your own safety, never disclose personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, social security number, computer passwords, credit card account numbers, or school location to strangers whom you know only over the internet.
The Library discourages the use of e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms on its computers.


Unattended Children – Young children may not be left unattended in the Library; we do not have the staff or facilities to ensure their welfare.

Cell phones – As a courtesy to other library patrons, cell phone use must be limited to the outer lobby area.